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  • Services & Meetings

    9:30am–Sunday School (all ages) & Adult Bible Fellowship
    10:30am–Fellowship Time
    11:00am–Morning Worship Service (children’s church)

    Wednesdays–6:30–8:00 pm (October through April)
    Awana Clubs for kids K-6

    Home Groups meet during the week

  • Upcoming Events

    • April 8, 2020 10:30 pmAwana Clubs for Kids K-6 "Risen for Me' Night
    • April 12, 2020Easter Sunday
    • April 12, 2020 1:30 pmSunday School, ABF
    • April 12, 2020 3:00 pmWorship Service
    • April 15, 2020 10:30 pmAwana Clubs for Kids K-6 "Pajama' Night
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Church Ministries

Sunday Ministries

9:30-10:30 AM Sunday School                                                                                                                                                                                                                             For ALL Ages all year long                                                                     

Regular Baptist Press curriculum is used for children’s classes

Nursery and 2’s & 3’s Class–0-3 years
Pre-Primary Class–4-6 years
Primary Class–Grades 1-3
Junior Class–Grades 4-6

High School Class –Grades 7 – 12

Young Adult Bible Fellowship Class

Adult Bible Fellowship Class

10:30–10:50–Fellowship Time

11:00 AM Morning Worship Service

To maintain a worshipful attitude during the service, a nursery is provided for children through age 3.

Children’s Church is provided as an option for children ages 3 through 8 during the preaching except for the first Sunday of each month.

During the Week :

7pm–Monday Adult Bible study  and Youth Group at church

7pm–Thursday evening prayer meeting–  Central Home group                                 Contact the Hills–

Eastside Home group meets every other week.  Contact Herb–


Wednesday Night Awana Clubs,  K-6

AWANA Information

Awana Clubs meet Wednesday nights from 6:30 PM to 8:00 PM from September 25th through April 29th this school year.

There are three clubs in our Awana program:

Cubbies for ages 3 & 4 (for those regularly attending BBC or have older siblings in club)

Sparks for age 5 through 2nd grade;

and Truth and Training or T & T for grades 3-6.

Clubbers will receive a handout the last Wednesday of the current month with information about special nights for participation and club events for the next month.

There are no club meetings just before Thanksgiving, and during Christmas and spring breaks. These are the dates when there will be no club this year: November 25th, December 25th, January 1st, and April 1st. Our annual Carol-A-Rama at the nursing home (Marquette County Medical Care Facility) is scheduled for Monday, December 16th. Note the change of night. That will be the last club before Christmas break. The last event of the Awana year will be the Awards Night and Fun Fair on April 29th.

Cancellation of Awana:

If school in the NICE district is cancelled due to weather, there is no Awana. If there is significant snowfall during a Wednesday that has not canceled school and makes travel hazardous, club will be cancelled since many drive from a distance. You may be contacted by phone call, email, and/ or text message. Cancellation announcements are also broadcast on radio station WHWL (95.7 FM,

Dues: $0.50 per night or $12.00 for the year [10 extra AWANA Shares if paid by Nov. 6th]

AWANA Shares:

Clubbers accumulate Awana Shares all year long for such things as attendance, paying dues, bringing their Bible and handbook, wearing their uniforms, and passing sections in their handbooks. Special participation activities will be awarded Awana Shares throughout the year.

Clubbers need to check in at the registration table each Wednesday night in order to receive their Awana Shares for attendance, dues, uniform and Bible and/or handbook.
By having those things each Wednesday, clubbers can receive up to 4 Awana Shares.

These Awana Shares are used like money for purchasing items from the AWANA Store on December 11th. The last night of club, April 29, 2020, is a family night with an awards presentation and a carnival type fair. Awana Shares may be used for playing games, purchasing items from the Awana Store or may be shared with a visitor or sibling that a clubber might bring to the fair that night.


$11.00 Cubbies vest (ages 3 & 4) 

$11.00 Sparks vest (K-2nd grade)

$5.00 T & T T-shirt (3rd – 6th grade)



$10.00 for Cubbies (Ages 3 & 4) 

$10.00 for Sparks (K-2nd grade)

 $11.00 for T & T (3rd –6th grade)

If finances are a concern for your family, contact the commander or any director.


Clubbers should come dressed in clothing and shoes appropriate for playing games–modest, comfortable clothing and tennis shoes.


Please complete a registration form for each child who will be attending AWANA this year. This can be done by registering at the registration table on the first night you come to club.

Event Release Form:

A club event release form needs to be filled out for each family. It will be available for you at the registration table.

The event release form is to have on file at club in case of an emergency and to have your specific instructions.

Drop off and Pick up:

You may drop off and pick up your child(ren) under the canopy, but please do not park under the canopy. For safety purposes please pick up your child(ren) inside the foyer. We do not allow the clubbers to leave the building unless a parent or guardian is present.

Any questions?

Contact AWANA Commander Herb Carpenter @ (906) 250-4581, 
Commander-in-training, Daniel Parks @ (906) 236-2441 or any of the directors                   [see current flyer].

Bible Baptist Church Awana Clubs

PO Box 372 (mail) | 615 S North Lake Dr (location) | Ishpeming, MI 49849 | | / 906-485-4653

Pastor George Ward (906) 250-5750



June 2020–Vacation Bible School

Big Fish Bay–Hooked on God’s Mercy


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